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에이미 앱튼
Amy Epton


Chicago Main Office


Attorney Epton specializes in employment law, including wage cases, discrimination and harassment cases. She has practiced solely in the field of litigation and employment law for over fifteen years.


Since 2004, Attorney Epton has been “of counsel” to Mirae Law as an advisor for all of Mirae’s labor and employment cases.  In that capacity she successfully defended numerous companies from charges of discrimination.   Attorney Epton is now a full member of the Mirae Law legal team, responsible for all of Mirae’s employment law cases, as well as other related litigation matters.

Amy has successfully litigated over 100 cases, the vast majority of those in federal court, including federal court in Wisconsin and Arizona. She is a member of the trial bar of the Northern District of Illinois, and a member of the bar for the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, before whom she has performed oral arguments.  Attorney Epton has been the lead attorney on cases as small as single plaintiff, and as large as a class of 121 plaintiffs.  Her cases have involved large multi-national defendants, as well as small “mom and pop” family-owned businesses. 

She received CALI awards for excellence in legal writing, workers’ compensation law, and public sector labor law.  She has published half a dozen articles on labor and employment law, and has twice appeared as a speaker at the annual Federal Sector Labor Relations and Labor Law Program – the largest conference on federal sector labor law held outside of Washington DC. One of Amy’s 2005 wage cases has become a leading case that is now featured as an official annotation in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and in the Illinois Minimum Wage Law.  That case has been cited by eleven federal judges in their opinions, and is also cited in legal treatises and law review articles.

Attorney Epton attended the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois, and Chicago-Kent College of Law, where she was a student editor on the Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal.  Following graduation from law school Attorney Epton was short-listed for a position as a Writer/Researcher for the Illinois Supreme Court.

Whenever possible, Attorney Epton enjoys reading good fictions, and is an accomplished artist with a few of her botanical drawings and paintings adorning houses and offices throughout Chicagoland area. 

에이미 엡튼 변호사는 노동법, 특히 임금, 직장내 차별에 대해 전문성을 가지고 있습니다. 엡튼 변호사는 지난 15년 이상 오로지 소송과 노동법에 대해서만 전념해 왔습니다.

에이메 엡튼 변호사는 2004년부터 노동부 이슈에 대해 법무법인 미래의 자문변호사로 활동하였습니다. 수많은 소송의 성공적인 실적을 바탕으로 그녀는 현재 미래의 소속 변호사로 활동하고 있습니다.  엡튼 변호사는 그동안 주로 연방 법원에서 100건이 넘은 소송을 수행하여 왔습니다. 북일리노이 법원단과 제7연방항소법원단의 멤버로서 엡튼 변호사는 1인원고 케이스로부터 크게는 121명의 원고를 대리하는 소송을 담당하여 왔습니다. 또한 개인, 작은 사업체는 물론 국제적인 기업을 대리하는 등 업무의 폭이 넓습니다.

엡튼 변호사는 그 외에도 소장작성과 공공분야 노동법에 대한 탁월성을 인정받아 CALI 상을 받은바 있으며 주로 노동법 분야에 대해 기고와 연설등으로 활약해왔습니다. 특히 그녀가 수행한 2005년의 임금소송은 연방근로기준법과 일리노이주 최저임금법에 대표선례로 인용되었고 11명의 연방판사들이 자신들의 판결문에 인용하기도 하였습니다.

에이미 엡튼 변호사는 시카고대학과 일리노이대학을 졸업하였고, 시카고켄트 로스쿨을 다니는 동안에는 노동법저널의 편집을 맡았습니다. 졸업후에는 일리노이주 대법원이 지명한 시보로도 활동했습니다. 엡튼 변호사는 소설을 좋아하며, 자연을 그린 그녀의 미술작품들은 아마추어의 수준을 뛰어 넘은 것으로 평가받기도 합니다.


• Employment
• Litigation


• J.D. from Chicago Kent College of Law
• University of Chicago 

• University of Illinois 

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